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Current events and exhibitions

 Mr Monkey sees Little Shop of Horrors at the Royal Exchange Theatre
Mr Monkey sees Ashman and Menken's musical about a bloodthirsty alien plant (1 page)
The production runs until January 31st 2015.

 Mr Monkey sees The Mousetrap on tour
The longest running play ever goes on tour to celebrate its Diamond Anniversary, and Mr Monkey goes to find the criminal at Monkswell Hall (1 page)
The tour now runs until November 14th 2015.

Kashif Nadim Chaudry: Swags and Tails opened at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre on 27th September, running until 31st January 2015.
Natural Forces: Romanticism and Nature opened at the Manchester Art Gallery on 12th July 2014, running until 12th July 2015.
Cotton Couture opened at the Manchester Art Gallery on 19th June 2014, running until 4th June 2015.
A Land Fit For Heroes: War and the Working Class 1914-1918 opened at the People's History Museum on 24th May 2014, running until 1st February 2015.
From Street to Trench: A World War that Shaped a Region opened at IWM North on 5th April 2014, with no published end date.
Home, Land and Sea: Art in the Netherlands 1600-1800 opened at the Manchester Art Gallery on 25th May 2013, running until 29th May 2015.

Future events and exhibitions

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