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Mr Monkey in Ostende, 16th - 20th September

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Mr Monkey had rather enjoyed the Beaufort 02 open-air art exhibition on the Flemish coast in 2006, so he was pleased when he found out that Miss Carol wanted to see Beaufort 03. Soon he was on his way to Belgium again.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's visit to Ostende.

Flying to Belgium Seamen's monument and harbour mouth die Prince hotel Beaufort Inside 1 Beaufort Inside 2 Stone Path, Leopoldpark Promenade and beach Promenade and restaurant Beach and casino at night Promenade and Jachthaven lock Tram to Knokke-Heist Lippenslaan Labyrinth and Pleasure Garden No. 23 1 Labyrinth and Pleasure Garden No. 23 2 Knokke Men and St Margaret's church Zeebrugge docks Omookaai, Zeebrugge Orbino, Zeebrugge Facade, Blankenberge Spioenkop, Wenduine View from Spioenkop Wenduine beach Une Chambre à la Mer, Wenduine Walking to De Haan Le Vent souffle où il veut, De Haan Restaurant and De Haan town hall De Haan at night Tram depot, De Panne Twin Stations and Wild Shore Trilogy Dunkirk Veterans' Monument and Pier Kloeffe Ten Duinen 1138 (7 pages) Gaalgui and beach, Nieuwpoort Holiday in Melsbroek (127), Nieuwpoort Viewing the Ijser Walking to Nieuwpoort Salacia, Middlekerke Untitled #143, Middlekerke Middlekerke promenade at night Middlekerke beach and beasts Ostende harbour Minnewater and Barge Bridge, Bruges Begijnhof, Bruges (7 pages) Redemptorist Monastery and almhouses Academy of Fine Arts and Church of Our Lady Guido Gezelle and Gruuthuse Frietmuseum (6 pages) Bruges Bear and Papageno statue Népomucène bridge Quiet streets and horse carriage Leaving Bruges Ostende at night Albedo, Bredene Unhabitat 1 and Metatron Barrel organ and promenade Spaans Huisje and Albertschool Wild Goat and airport train Airports - Brussels and Manchester

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