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Mr Monkey in Knokke-Heist, 17th September

"They're a good colour, but they're a little too big for comfort"

Mr Monkey looking up at the Knokke Men Mr Monkey looking at the spire of the former St. Margaret church

On the way back to the tram station Mr Monkey scurried up Elizabethlaan to the Abraham Hansplein to look at the Knokke Men, which were left there by the Atelier van Lieshout (AVL) in 2000. Near the tramstop Mr Monkey was about to go and study the tower - part of St. Margaret's church from the 15th century, until the rest of the church was damaged beyond repair during WW2 - but his humans pointed out that there was a tram waiting to leave at any moment.

You can read about AVL at the Atelier van Lieshout website and about the church tower at the Inventaris van het Onroerend Erfgoed website (with Google translation).

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