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Mr Monkey tracks Kings Bladud's pigs

While he was scampering around Bath, Mr Monkey encountered a number of decorative and temporary statues of pigs. These were dotted around Bath and the surrounding area to celebrate King Bladud who famously caught leprosy, infected his his pigs with it, accidentally cured them with hot springs and finally founded the city of Bath around the springs. Mr Monkey thought it was all rather like the Cow Parade he'd seen in Manchester in 2004.

You can read all about the pigs at the King Bladud's Pigs in Bath website.

Mr Monkey looking at a pig painted with different coloured patches Mr Monkey found this pig standing on platform one of Bath Spa station, near the steps out of the station. According to its label it was called Serrano.

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Mr Monkey looking at a pig decorated with small bright polygons Mr Monkey found this pig next to the front door of Bath Abbey church. Mr Monkey thinks it's supposed to look a bit like a stained glass window in porcine form. Its name is Abi.

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Mr Monkey looking at a pig beside the Kings Bath A pig covered in orange and golden scales Mr Monkey found another pig when he was touring the Roman Baths. Bath Pig was lurking near the King's Bath. With its scaly skin it might be one of King Bladud's herd of sick pigs, only it looks rather cheery and healthy.

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Mr Monkey with Bubbles the pig The head of a pig covered in bubbles Mr Monkey met Bubbles outside the Thermae Bath Spa. Covered in bubbles, it's obviously symbolising the frothy water within the spa.

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Mr Monkey looking up at a Pig of Paradise A pig painted as a rain forest hanging from a tree Scampering through Abbey Green, Mr Monkey looked up and saw Pig of Paradise pretending to be a tropical rain forest while clinging to a pair of trapezes.

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Mr Monkey looking at Roger A close up of Roger's head Mr Monkey met Roger beside a post box in Lauren Place. Mr Monkey was intrigued by the delicate decoration on the pig, but wondered if anyone had told it the rudiments of road safety.

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Mr Monkey looking at the day side of Pigs Might Fly Balloons aloft above Bath on the side of Pigs Might Fly In Queen Square Mr Monkey found Pigs Might Fly, a pig with two sides. Mr Monkey examined the day side of the pig, which showed balloons above Bath. Mr Monkey recognized the Thermae Bath Spa, the Abbey, the Queen Square Obelisk and suspected he'd see the other buildings later.

Mr Monkey looking at the night side of Pigs Might Fly Stars and swirls on the night side of Pigs Might Fly When he'd finished with the day side of Pigs Might Fly Mr Monkey went around to the dark side to see rockets and stars in the dark. He noticed that on this side, the pig's eye was in the moon.

Mr Monkey looking at Cosmo Stars on the ear of the pig Cosmo Mr Monkey found Cosmo beside Pigs Might Fly. Cosmo is a dark pig, completely covered in distant stars and planets.

Mr Monkey looking up at Grimaldi Grimaldi the pig on his trapezes Before he left Queen Square Mr Monkey looked up into a tree to find Grimaldi the circus pig riding a trapeze above him. This pig is wearing the make up and costume of Joseph Grimaldi, the famous clown.

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Mr Monkey looking at Piguana Piguana's scaly head On the corner of Old King Street and Gay Street Mr Monkey met Piguana, a scaly green lizardy pig (or piggy lizard).

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Mr Monkey looking at Piggery from a distance Mr Monkey looking at Piggery Looking down onto the stretch of park between the Gravel Walk and the Royal Avenue, Mr Monkey saw a pig scampering towards him.

When he realised that the pig wasn't actually moving, Mr Monkey went down to inspect it.

A variety of pigs on the flank of Piggery When he got close up he found that the pig was named Piggery because it's covered in different breeds of pig, including the very rare winged pig and the seldom seen ballooning pig.

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Mr Monkey looking at the chimp side of Porc Au Circque The face of the chimp side of Porc Au Circque Mr Monkey found another two sided pig, Porc Au Circque, on the grass in the center of the Circus. One side of the pig shows a chimp who is apparently now a householder in the area.

Mr Monkey looking at the clown side of Porc Au Circque The clown face on the other side of Porc Au Circque On the other side of Porc Au Circque Mr Monkey found a clown's face and a line in French claiming that the pig wasn't a pig.

Mr Monkey looking at Prince Ropork Gold mosaic pieces on the face of Prince Ropork On the other side of the Circus Mr Monkey met Prince Ropork. From a distance the prince is a little dull, but close up he seems to be a very sparkly beast indeed.

Mr Monkey looking up at Pig in Prada A pig in underwear and fishnet stockings Just off the Circus Mr Monkey perceived a Pig in Prada posing on a porch. Mr Monkey wasn't totally convinced that this pigs costume really reflected the elegance the Prada brand likes to claim.

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Mr Monkey looking at Pig in Clover Detail of the Pig in Clover's mosaic jacket Pig in Clover was waiting outside the Assembly Rooms when Mr Monkey scampered past. Mr Monkey was quite taken by the pigs jacket, which looks as if it was converted from a Tiffany lampshade.

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Mr Monkey looking at The Nº1 Pig The patterns on The Nº1 Pig's head On Lansdown Road Mr Monkey saw The Nº1 Pig. Mr Monkey wasn't totally impressed by the pig's colour scheme of blue spots, brown bars and green splodges but thought they were probably very symbolic.

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Mr Monkey looking at Pig Noir A mysterious car on the side of Pig Noir The last pig Mr Monkey saw on his day in Bath was Pig Noir, who was standing outside the Little Theatre. The pig had obviously been watching a lot of film noir and had wrapped himself in images from movies. On one side of the pig Mr Monkey saw a car load of sinister types.

Mr Monkey looking at the other side of Pig Noir A woman's face on the head of Pig Noir On the other side of Pig Noir Mr Monkey found that the pig had been studying Sunset Boulevard and that there was a woman's face around the pig's eye.

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