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Mr Monkey in Rotterdam, 10th - 13th January

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Miss Carol decided it would be an interesting experiment to visit the Continent for a day. Mr Monkey suggested that it would be fun to visit Rotterdam, just to see what was there, and bought tickets before anyone could make another suggestion.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's day out in Rotterdam.

Leaving Manchester Flying to Rotterdam Rotterdam airport Around Central station Walking through Rotterdam Stadhuis and Beurstraverse St Laurenskerk and library Toonder monument and Kijkkubus Oude Haven Witte Huis and Verlengde Willemsbrug Wijnhaven and Maritime museum Leuvehaven Maritime museum and Arminhuis NAI (7 pages) Huis Sonneveld (12 pages) Westersingel 1 Westersingel 2 Looking at the Erasmusbrug Het Park Wooden bear and Euromast Euromast and pancake boat Pancake Boat trip (6 pages) Raised drawbridge Back at Rotterdam airport Arriving at Manchester Taking the Skyline bus home

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