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Mr Monkey in Southport

Trip date : 6th September, 2012
"Well, I don't think seagulls should be allowed"

Mr Monkey looking at the bridges over the Marine Lake Mr Monkey dodging a seagull beside the Marine Lake

Mr Monkey scampered back on to Duke Street, and carried on in the general direction of where he thought the sea ought to be. He veered right around a carpark, crossed the Esplanade and by going down a flight of stairs behind a hedge, found himself beside the southern section of the Marine Lake. The Marine Lake was opened in 1887, and expanded in 1892, 1895, 1963 and 1966. Looking across the Lake, Mr Monkey could see three ways of crossing it: the Venetian bridge built in 1931, the pier built in 1860 and, in the distance, the Marine Way Bridge of 2004. As he was intent on getting onto the pier, Mr Monkey set off around the side of the Lake. On the way he noticed there were far too many seagulls flying around.

Detail of the bridges over the Marine Lake

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