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Mr Monkey in Southport

Trip date : 6th September, 2012
"Two fine buildings that have seen better days, I fear"

Mr Monkey looking up at the Ribble Building Mr Monkey looking at the Mecca bingo hall

On Lord Street Mr Monkey marvelled at the Ribble Building and the Mecca bingo hall. The Ribble Building was originally Southport Lord Street station, the northern terminus of the Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway. It opened in 1884 and was taken over by the Ribble Bus Company in 1952 when the SCLER closed. It's being turned into a Travelodge now. The Mecca Bingo Hall used to be the Garrick Theatre, built in 1932 at a cost of £120,000. It's covered in, and full of, Art-Deco detailing, and included a roof garden behind the white colonnade on the front. According to posters of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, it was worth visiting Southport in winter just to visit the Garrick.

You can read about the Mecca building at the Playing Bingo website and see Fortunini Matania's LMS poster showing the Garrick Theatre at night at the Science Museum Group Online.

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