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Mr Monkey in Southport

Trip date : 6th September, 2012
"This tram is shiny and new, you know"

Mr Monkey looking out of the tram window Mr Monkey sitting in the tram on the pier Short history of Southport Pier trains

After scampering along the side of the Marine Lake, Mr Monkey arrived at some steps and found himself on Southport Pier. He didn't have time to look around because there was a tram waiting to take him (and some other people, too, of course) to the end of the pier. He paid for some tickets, jumped aboard, and was soon on his way to the other end of the pier. On the way he compared the view to a still he'd taken from a cine film made by Mr Rik's dad in 1969. He found out from Mr Rik that the tram was the third sort of pier train in use since the war, and became mildly upset that he couldn't ride in an open carriage with the wind ruffling his fur.

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