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Mr Monkey in Blackpool

Trip date : 14th February, 2012
"It's a feast of concrete comedy, but it's not a very comfortable carpet"

Mr Monkey looking at the Comedy Carpet Mr Monkey looking at the Tommy Cooper panel of the Comedy Carpet

On the promenade immediately in front of the Tower Mr Monkey found the Comedy Carpet. Devised by Gordon Young and the Why Not Associates, this is a 2200m² collection of quotes from over 1000 comedians who have appeared at Blackpool over the years. Mr Monkey scampered around trying to find his favourite funny-persons, and could probably have spent longer there if his humans had let him. He couldn't help noticing, though, that it was a bit too hard to really be a carpet.

You can read about the Carpet and its makers at the Gordon Young website, the Why Not Associates website and the Comedy Carpet Blackpool website (be aware the map probably won't work with Internet Explorer - at least, not as a map)

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