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Mr Monkey on Peak Rail, 22nd July

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On the way to Matlock Bath in October 2008 he passed signs for something called Peak Rail. When he investigated he found that a small steam train ran to and from Matlock. He decided to go along and have a ride.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's ride on Peak Rail.

Waiting for a train Watering the locomotive Watching the locomotive reverse Attaching the locomotive En route to Darnley Dale At Darnley Dale Leaving Darnley Dale Travelling to Matlock Riverside Watching the locomotive Walking to Matlock Hall Leys park Back to Matlock Riverside Boarding the train Returning to Rowsley South Narrow gauge 1 Narrow gauge 2 Turntable Another ride to Matlock Riverside Darley Dale again End of the day

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