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Mr Monkey visits the Museum in Docklands, 16th May

"The slavery gallery is rather grim"

Mr Monkey looking at merchant company banners Mr Monkey looking at the Buxton table

Mr Monkey scampered into the Trade Expansion gallery, where he learned all about the expansion of trade and the creation of trading companies such as the Muscovy Company and the African Company. The African Company was deeply involved in the slave trade which was detailed in the final gallery on Level 3, London, Sugar and Slavery. The least awful exhibit here was the table at which Thomas Powell Buxton, William Wilberforce and their friends drafted the bill for the abolition of slavery. At this point Mr Monkey realised he hadn't got enough time to look around the rest of the Museum. He wasn't worried, because his ticket allowed him to visit the museum as many times as he wanted over a year and he decided to come back the next day.

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