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Mr Monkey in Brussels, December 12th

"This pair are a bit adventuresome, I think"

Mr Monkey looking at the Victor Sackville mural Mr Monkey in front of the Ric Hochet mural

Further down the Rue du Marché au Charbon, Mr Monkey saw a mural showing Francis Carin's Victor Sackville, a British agent in occupied Brussels in 1916, running down the Rue du Marché au Charbon. The tower at the top right of the mural is the bell tower of the Bon-Secours Church, same as it is in the photo. Scampering past Mr Sackville, Mr Monkey turned into the Rue de Bon Secours where he saw Tibet's Ric Hochet attempting to thwart a murderous villain by climbing through a first floor window, while Inspector Bourdon wonders what's going on.

You can read a bit about Francis Carin at the Francis Carin and about Gilbert Gascard, aka Tibet at and the website.

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