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Mr Monkey in Brussels, December 12th

"I do think these murals are a good idea"

Mr Monkey looking at the Schuiten's Passage mural Mr Monkey looking at the Brousaille mural

Mr Monkey decided he'd look for some more of Brussels' comic strip murals. Walking down the Rue de Marché au Charbon, he saw the slightly sinister Le Passage by François Schuiten. Mr Monkey was careful not to get too close, as it could easily be a doorway into an Obscure City. Instead, he scampered off to the Plattesteen square, where he was interested to see that a small version of the Broussaille mural appeared on the Broussaille mural, only without Broussaille and his girlfriend walking in front of it.

You can read about Schuiten's Obscure Cities series at the Obskür website and about Brousaille (in French) at the Frank Pé official website.

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