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Mr Monkey in Stratford upon Avon

"I think he rather overreacted, really"

Mr Monkey looking at Nash's House from the garden Mr Monkey looking at the remains of New Place

Outside Nash's House, Mr Monkey looked at what seemed to be a sunken garden. This is actually the site of New Place, which in the 16th century was the second biggest house in Stratford. Shakespeare bought New Place in 1597, and was probably living here in 1616, when he died. In the 18th century it was owned by a man who got so annoyed by sightseers wanting to see the house that Shakespeare died in that he had the house demolished to stop tourists bothering him. This led to him being bothered by his enraged neighbours instead. All that's left now is a largish chunk of foundations, that form the wall of the lower part of the garden.

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