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Mr Monkey sees One Degree of Separation at the CAC, 8th October

"It looks like they've got the weighing machine on a carpet, and that makes it inaccurate"

Mr Monkey looking at My wife and I by Luke Ching Mr Monkey looking at Waiting For a Friend by Pak Sheung Chuen

Somewhat bizarrely, Luke Ching decided that his wife needed to experience being as heavy as him so he heaped things on her. Mr Monkey did think the resulting My wife and I photo was funny, if a little cruel. Beneath the picture there's a bag containing the difference in weight, that Mr Monkey's humans could only just pick up. He was also impressed by Pak Sheung Chuen's patience - to produce Waiting For a Friend (without appointment) he stood outside a railway station to see if he knew any of the people leaving. Luckily for the project, a friend did arrive after some hours.

You can read about Luke Ching at A good idea is a smile blogspot (Google translation) and about Pak Sheung Chuen at the Pakpark blogspot (Google translation).

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