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Mr Monkey at the Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument, 9th June

"It looks a long way for one horse to leap"

Mr Monkey looking across the Vltava from Vyšehrad Mr Monkey looking at the Krejčí medallion

Mr Monkey peered through a hole in a wall at the top of the Vyšehrad cliff. In Czech legend, Princess Lubiše was on this rock when she founded the city of Prague and foretold its greatness, and it was from here that the heroic horse Šemík saved his master Horymir by leaping across the Vltava. Popping outside the wall for a moment Mr Monkey inspected a medallion commemerating Professor Jan Krejčí, the father of Czech geology. This plaque was originally at the bottom of the cliff, beside the road tunnel through the Vyšehrad rock.

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