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Mr Monkey visits SeaFront Zeebrugge

"It's time to learn about the sea"

Mr Monkey had come to Zeebrugge to visit the SeaFront Zeebrugge maritime theme park, to learn about Bruges's connection to the sea, and to tour a Cold War Soviet submarine and a Belgian lightship. Mr Monkey quickly found the old wholesale fish market, which was lucky because that's where Seafront Zeebrugge is.

Follow the links on the images below to see Mr Monkey's visit to SeaFront Zeebrugge.

Oceans Planning Zeebrugge Building Zeebrugge The Zeebrugge Raid Fishing Selling fish Zeebrugge port 1 Zeebrugge port 2 Outside SeaFront Mysterious library Model ships and submarine plans Torpedoes U-480 Foxtrot class submarine (10 pages) West-Hinder lightship (5 pages)

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