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Mr Monkey sees the Hound of the Baskervilles at Lyme Park, 8th September

"I'm surprised they can remember who they're pretending to be"

watching Holmes and Watson in 221b Baker Street Mr Monkey watching the play

At more or less the right time, the start of the play was announced, and Mr Monkey settled down to watch it. He was surprised to find that while there were nineteen characters in the play, there were only four actors. Alastair Chisholm was lucky as he was Dr Watson and was on stage all the time, Peter Robbins had four roles, including Sherlock Holmes, Miriam Allwright played five people, and poor Leela Selvon had the other nine parts and spent most of the evening changing her clothes and false facial hair. Apparently this is all quite normal if you're an actor with the Illyria company.

You can read about the theatre company at the Illyria website.

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