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Mr Monkey in London, 2nd August

"The exhibition was surprisingly easy to find, you know"

Mr Monkey in front of DPMHI British Bonsai pattern camouflage inspecting a Jagdpanther tank destroyer

Mr Monkey went into the Imperial War Museum and went to see their special exhibition, Camouflage, which was all about the history of camouflage in the 20th century. He learned all about hiding things from snipers, guns and tanks to warships, factories and airfields, and even about the use of camouflage patterns in the modern fashion industry. When he learned about camouflage he had a quick scamper around the ground floor of the museum. After he'd inspected the holes in the side of the museum's Jagdpanther, and checked its camouflage scheme, he decided it was time to leave.

You can read about the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum website.

Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the Camouflage exhibition, so he posed with some maharishi camouflage patterns he downloaded from the downloads page of the exhibition website. And when he didn't like British Bonsai, Splinter, Tiger Stripe or Desert Bonsai, he made up his own Many Monkey pattern.

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