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Mr Monkey in Brussels, 26th May

"You need to be hovering to see the symbolism, or possibly you need a map"

Mr Monkey crossing Montlake Bridge Mr Monkey looking at the Palais de la Nation

Mr Monkey left the BELvue Museum and scampered through the Parc de Bruxelles. The paths in the park are allegedly laid out in a series of secret masonic symbols. None of these really show when you're walking around on the ground, so Mr Monkey looked at the big fountain at the Rue de la Loi end instead. Then he left the park and, before scampering off to a metro station, had a look at the back of the Palais de la Nation. This was built in 1783, and has been the headquarters of the Belgian Senate and Chamber of Representatives since 1830.

You can read about the Chamber of Representatives (in French or Dutch) at the La Chambre website.

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