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Mr Monkey at Left Coast Crime 2007, 1st February

"It's time to start thinking about crime"

Mr Monkey with his LCC umbrella and program Mr Monkey at the Crossing Over panel

At lunch time on Thursday, Mr Monkey scampered downstairs at the Renaissance Hotel to register himself and his humans at the Left Coast Crime convention. Back in his room he examined his goodie bag. Besides some excellent free books, and a full programme, and an insulated coffee cup, he found he'd been given a special LCC umbrella*. Then he ran downstairs to the first panel, Crossing Over, to see Kat Richardson, Alexandra Sokoloff, Linda Joy Singleton , Jana Oliver, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough discussing the crossover between crime and supernatural fiction.

* Mr Monkey's humans insist that this umbrella is a stress reduction toy; Mr Monkey begs to differ and wishes they'd stop squishing his umbrella.

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