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Mr Monkey in Newcastle

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Mr Monkey read in the paper that something called Glow was planning to liven up Newcastle with some bright and colourful lights. It sounded like the sort of thing a young monkey should have a look at, so he quickly booked a hotel and some rail tickets for his humans.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's weekend.

Stockport to Newcastle Newcastle Station Quayside Crown Court and Bridge Crossing the Millennium Bridge Opening bridge BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts (5 pages) Sage and Bridge Quayside at dusk The Glow Trail (14 pages) Heartbreak Soup Tyne and fire alarm after dark Behind the Quayside Bess Surtees House and Vampire Rabbit by day Central and Byker Metros Jesmond Metro Fenwick's Christmas window Shadow House in Saltwell Park (4 pages) Bus to Newcastle centre El Torero Sage and Swing Bridge by night Copthorne Hotel Market at Tynemouth Tynemouth Metro Going home

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