Mr Monkey in Scheveningen

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When he'd heard rumours of a sandcastle competition, of a miniature city, and a massive flower and plant show, which all sounded worth investigating Mr Monkey thought he'd like to go to the Netherlands again. He quickly arranged to stay at Scheveningen on the North Sea coast, and also to pay another visit to his friend Gerja. Of course, he took Mr Rik and Miss Carol with him (someone has to carry the luggage).

In the Netherlands, Mr Monkey visited Amsterdam, the Floriade, Scheveningen, Delft, Madurodam and Den Haag. Follow the links on the images below for larger pictures of Mr Monkey's Dutch treat.

On a bollard in Amsterdam Aboard a ship Outside the ship museum At the Floriade Surrounded by water With some purple tulips Eating pancakes at Gerja's On a bench in Scheveningen Up a tower in Delft The streets of Delft A view of Delft By the water at Madurodam Madurodam tulip fields Shopping in Madurodam Atop the Rijksmuseum On a windmill On Scheveningen pier On a ship in the Museum Scheveningen The Sandsculpture Festival Scheveningen beach Scheveningen dunes In front of a picture of the Panorama Mesdag Lunching in Den Haag Reclaiming baggage in Manchester

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