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Mr Monkey visits Blackpool Tower

"Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves"

Mr Monkey looking the tiled plaque commemorating 100 years of the Blackpool Tower Mr Monkey watching people dancing in the ballroom

Mr Monkey scampered downstairs to the dance floor. While his humans paused for coffee and a cake, Mr Monkey explored the ballroom. He found a tiled plaque commemorating the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Blackpool Tower, which, by the cunning use of perspective, made it look like the 158 metre Blackpool Tower was taller than the 553 metres of the CN Tower and the other members of the Federation of Great Towers. Then Mr Monkey watched the dancers, and decided not to count all 30,602 blocks of wood in the 120 by 102 foot dancefloor.

You can read about the world's great towers at the World Federation of Great Towers website.

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