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Mr Monkey at Crystal Palace Park, September 22nd

"That's the trouble with scientists - they keeping finding out new things"

Mr Monkey looking at an Iguanadon, a Pteradactylus, and a Hylaeosaurus Mr Monkey looking at an Iguanadon Details of these creatures

After crossing the bridge over the waterfall, Mr Monkey met a couple of Iguanodons and a Hylaeosaurus, with a Pterydactylus or two in the distance. When they were created by Professor Richard Owen (inventor of the name dinosaur) and the animal sculptor Benjamin Waterhouse-Hawkins, these creatures represented the height of dinosaur-based knowledge. As a result of this, the Hylaeosaurus had its back to Mr Monkey because they only had vague ideas about its face, and the Iguanodons have their thumb spikes on their noses.

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