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Mr Monkey at the MSK Pavilion

"I'd have painted a much cheerier picture of Ghent"

Mr Monkey in front of Baerston's 'Thaw Setting in at Ghent' (1902) Mr Monkey in front of den Duyts' 'Panoramic View on Ghent' (1881)

Mr Monkey was pleased and surprised to find that he was allowed to take photos, so he posed whenever he fancied a picture. He was expecting to find something by Ensor near the start of the exhibition, but it seems that the MSK doesn't work that way. Mr Monkey liked two paintings of Ghent - Albert Baertson's Thaw Setting in at Ghent (1902) and Gustave den Duyts' Panoramic View on Ghent (1881), even though the artists both seemed to have had bad weather in Ghent.

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