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Mr Monkey at Imperial War Museum North, June 15th

"It's a splendid exhibition, you know"

Mr Monkey approaching Chester's shrine to Minerva Mr Monkey in front of his Against The Odds identity card

Mr Monkey scurried into the museums special exhibition space to see the Against The Odds exhibition. A combination of film, paintings, photographs, models, artefacts and bits of plane told Mr Monkey the story of Bomber Command in the Second World War. Just over half of Bomber Command's aircrew died on operations, and at the end of the war bomber crew made up 80% of the men undergoing experimental plastic surgery in the Guinea Pig Club. Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take photos in the exhibition, so when he got home he stood in front of a copy of Laura Knight's Take Off, the interior of a bomber aircraft (which is in the exhibition) and the "identity card" he'd been given when he went in. It was only then that he found out that there was the picture of a real pilot inside, and that he should have found out what happened to him.

You can read about the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum website.

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