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Mr Monkey in Bristol, March 14th

"It's a cunning arrangement, that sluice, you know"

Mr Monkey looking towards the Underfall Boatyard Mr Monkey passing a boat being repaired near the Bristol Marina

Walking along the quay beside the floating harbour, Mr Monkey passed the Underfall Boatyard, which has a patent slipway that can take boats up to 105 feet long and 25 feet wide. The yard was named after the sluice system devised by Brunel to remove silt and adjust the water level in the harbour; the sluice is automated now but it's still underneath the Underfall Boatyard. Mr Monkey scampered along the waterside until he had to leave the water to get round some more boat builders at Bristol Marina.

You can read about the boatyard at the Underfall Boatyard and Slipway website and about the marina at the Bristol Marina website.

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