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Mr Monkey in London, March 3rd

"They're all very damp looking, these pictures"

Mr Monkey looking back at St John's Priory gatehouse Mr Monkey in front of Homer's The Lifeline

Inside Dulwich Picture Gallery, Mr Monkey inspected the mausoleum of Bourgeois, Desenfrans and his wife, which Sir John Soane had designed as part of the art gallery. Then he had a good look at all the pictures in the Winslow Homer - Poet of the Sea exhibition, which displayed many of Homer's sea paintings, including those from his time living in Cullercoats in Northumberland. Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take pictures in the gallery, so in the second picture here he's standing in front of The Lifeline, on the cover of the exhibition catalogue he made Mr Rik buy.

You can read about the gallery at the Dulwich Picture Gallery website and about Winslow Homer at the Wikipedia website.

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