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Mr Monkey in London, March 2nd

"If you're a Mason you can drink in the cells, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the old Middlesex Sessions House Mr Monkey outside the Marx Memorial Library

Mr Monkey trotted into Clerkenwell Green. He looked at what used to be the Middlesex Sessions House. Built in 1799, it used to be the busiest court house in England, and you could be tried here until the 1920s. Now it's owned by the Masons. Across the Green, which wasn't really very green, Mr Monkey had a quick look at the 1737 Welsh Charity School, which is now the Marx Memorial Library. Mr Monkey didn't go and ask "Karl or Groucho?" because he could guess the answer. Round the corner he could have seen the original Clerk's Well that gives Clerkenwell its name, but he hadn't rung Finsbury Library beforehand, so he couldn't get in.

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