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Mr Monkey visits the Skansen

"Apparently Wästfelt was inspired by a trip to Italy"

Mr Monkey outside the Brofästet Temperance Hall Mr Monkey at the foot of a tall brick tower

In the mid-nineteenth century there was a strong temperance movement in Sweden, which built places of alcohol-free entertainment. Mr Monkey scampered past a Temperance Hall dating from 1895, which originally came from Tierp in Uppland, on his way to gaze up at Bredablick tower. This is 30 metres high, and was built by a surgeon, F.A. Wästfelt in 1876, who wanted to set up a sanitorium. Everyone came to look at the tower, but he didn't make any money. In 1892 Artur Hazelhuis bought the tower and surrounding land to add to the Skansen, and named it Bredablick, after the house of the Norse god Balder, making the tower more popular. Mr Monkey thinks that adding a lift in 1913 probably helped, too.

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