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Mr Monkey in Göteborg, August 12th

"Let's go to Stockholm"

Mr Monkey looking at trains in Gothenburg station Mr Monkey beside his train to Stockholm

Mr Monkey found out which platform his train should be waiting at, and went out to find it. He spotted the white pointy nose of his X2000 high speed train just showing in front of the X10 on the neighbouring platform, and jumped aboard. He was pleasantly surprised by the carriage, which was spacious even for first class. He'd been sensible enough to buy tickets for his journey from Gothenburg to Stockholm by ringing the nice people at Swedenbooking and had taken advantage of the SJ just nu thing, so that his first class tickets cost less than standard second class.

You can read about Swedish state railways at the Statens Järnvägars website and about Swedenbooking at the Swedenbooking website.

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