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Mr Monkey in Göteborg, August 12th

"Well, I liked it"

Mr Monkey outside the Göteborg Stadsmuseum Mr Monkey across the canal from the Göteborg Stadsmuseum

After he'd left his luggage at the station, Mr Monkey scurried through a lot of very damp rain to the Gothenburg City Museum. This is in what used to be the main headquarters of the Swedish East India Company, and is full of information about the history of Gothenburg. Mr Monkey studied the remains of a real Viking ship, and examined models and maps and artefacts from Gothenburg's history, and found out lots about the Svenska Ostindiska Companiet. He didn't take any pictures, though, because it wasn't allowed, which was a shame.

You can read about the museum (in Swedish) at the Göteborg Stadsmuseum website.

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