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Mr Monkey at the Kvibergs Military Historical Museum

"It'd stop people going to hospital with headaches, I suppose"

Mr Monkey looking at the Kviberg barracks buildings Mr Monkey looking at a pair of sentry boxes

Mr Monkey nipped through the gate to the museum. The Kviberg barracks were home to the Royal Göta Artillery Regiment A2 from 1895 to 1962, and to the Royal Göta Anti-Aircraft Regiment Lv6 from 1962 to 1994. The museum is in a building which used to be the old hospital and smithy, but not, Mr Monkey hoped, at the same time. Mr Monkey checked that there wasn't anyone in either of the sentry boxes, then scampered into the museum.

You can read a bit about the museum, in Swedish, but with pictures, at the Swedish Armed Forces (Halmstad) website, or get the opening times in English by following the K link at the konditori100 motormuseum website.

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