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Mr Monkey in the Grand Place

"These are fine buildings, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at Le Roi d'Espagne Mr Monkey looking towards the west corner of the Grand Place

Mr Monkey started looking at the buildings surrounding the Grand Place. First he examined Le Roi d'Espagne, which gets its name from the bust of Charles II (a Spanish king). It's a bar now, but it used to belong to the Baker's Guild. At the other end of the row he admired more ex-guildhouses. From right to left these were La Maison du Sac (carpenters), Maison de la Louve (archers), Maison de le Cornet (boatmen) and the Maison de le Renard (habadashers). Parts of La Louve and Du Sac survived the French bombardment of 1695, and the top of Le Cornet is supposed to resemble the stern of a ship.

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