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Mr Monkey's Dockland Walk

"This is a bit spooky"

Mr Monkey looking at a replica sailing ship Mr Monkey inside the Tobacco Dock building

Across the road from the end of the canal walk, Mr Monkey came to Tobacco Dock. Outside are some nice looking houses and a pair of fake sailing ships. Then Mr Monkey went into the Tobacco Dock building, which is the spookiest and most unsettling place Mr Monkey has ever been to in London. Built in 1814 as a massive tobacco warehouse, it's full of interesting looking tunnels and brick vaulting. In 1992 it was turned into an exclusive shopping centre, but something went wrong, and now there's only a small newsagents and a lot of emptiness. Mr Monkey and his humans crept through the Grade 1 listed building, keeping very quiet, and wondering where Scooby Doo was.

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