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Mr Monkey in New York, February 25

"It's been a great place for jazz since 1935"

Mr Monkey outside the Village Vanguard jazz club Mr Monkey inside the Village Vanguard

When he got down to Greenwich Village, Mr Monkey waited outside the Village Vanguard jazz club. Mr Monkey was glad he'd had the forethought to order tickets online before leaving home, because there was a little note on the door saying that the first show was sold out. After he - and a lot of other people - waited outside, the band ere ready for the second set, and Mr Monkey scampered in. Soon he was listening to the fine music of the Jeremy Pelt Quintet. And after that he took a taxi back to his hotel.

You can read about the club, and buy tickets online, at the Village Vanguard website, and about Jeremy Pelt at the Jeremy Pelt website.

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