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Mr Monkey visits the Hayward and Tate Modern galleries

"A young monkey could get confused here, you know"

Mr Monkey outside the Hayward Gallery Animation of Mr Monkey in front of an optical illusion

Mr Monkey found the Hayward Gallery, scampered in, and let Mr Rik buy tickets for the Eyes, Lies, and Illusions exhibition. Mr Monkey really enjoyed the exhibition, which had magic lanterns, and peep shows, and odd mirrors, and pictures that only look like pictures if you look at them with a metal cone, and more. Mr Rik wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the gallery, so to give a bit of an impression of what they were showing, Mr Monkey posed with some pages from the exhibition catalogue.

In real life, this illusion has a sheet of plastic with stripes on it in front of the design, and looks like it's moving if you move; in the catalogue, you get a sheet of plastic and have to move it yourself.

You can read about the exhibition at the Southbank Centre website.

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