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Mr Monkey visits Todmorden Mills

"It's good here, you know"

Station and Yellow House Helliwell house exterior Mill Pond and brewery Inside the Yellow House Inside the Helliwell House Inside the Helliwell House

Mr Monkey descended into the Don Valley along Pottery Road, until he found a footpath off the road. This took him through some trees to the Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum. There's been a settlement here since the 1790s, when Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe decided that the Don River would be a good place to set up watermills. A lot of settlers came from Todmorden in West Yorkshire, and named the new place after the Todmorden they'd left. There was a fair settlement here once, but due to a series of unfortunate events including economic decline, neglect, and natural disasters, there's only a handful of buildings left now. But they are interesting buildings.

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