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Mr Monkey tours Manchester Town Hall clock tower

Trip date : 12 December 2012
"There used to be belts around those wheels"

Mr Monkey looking up at the old power train for winding the clock
Mr Monkey looking out of a window in the tower's sprial staircase

Before leaving the clock chamber Mr Monkey examined a set of wheels near the ceiling. These were part of the old power train which used high pressure water from the Manchester Hydraulic Power Company to wind the clock, until replaced by electricity in 1936. He also noticed the bellropes from the ringing chamber going up into the bell chamber. Next Mr Monkey had to scamper two floors to get to the clock face chamber. On the way he peered out of a staircase window, and trotted past the door to the bell chamber. There were 20 bells in the bell chamber in 1877, but when they were re-cast in 1936 an extra three bells were added.

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