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Mr Monkey in Blackpool

Trip date : 19th September, 2012
"Well, I think they could have put an out of order sign on it"

Mr Monkey looking at the Cabin Lift Mr Monkey clambering on the cliffs of the North Shore

Mr Monkey left Fleetwood by tram, and got off near his hotel. He was attracted by the Cabin Lift, which used to take people down from the Queens Promenade to a boating pool on the lower walkways. Built in 1930, it was Grade II listed in 2010. Mr Monkey couldn't get into the lift, and the boating pool had been turned into a go-cart track, so he went for a walk along the paths on the artificial cliff below the promenade. This was made a little difficult because someone has poured concrete down some of the paths to stop people using them, so it's a lot easier to go down whether you want to or not.

You can read about the Cabin Lift at the Listed Buildings website.

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