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Mr Monkey in Fleetwood

Trip date : 19th September, 2012
"I expect it's very important to get into the right boat"

Mr Monkey watching a lifeboat being tested Mr Monkey watching a ferry returning from Knott End

Mr Monkey jumped off the tram and scampered down to the banks of the River Wyre. He considered catching a ferry across the river to Knott End, but decided not to as he had a museum to visit. As he trotted along Queen's Terrace he saw people being trained to use an oil rig lifeboat from the Fleetwood Offshore Survival Centre River Wyre Launch Facility, and, a few moments later, watched the ferry arrive from Knott End.

You can read about the Fleetwood Offshore Survival Centre at the Blackpool and the Fylde College website and about the ferry at the Wyre council website.

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