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Mr Monkey walks the Rochdale Canal through Manchester

Trip date : 4th May, 2011
"This is a very interesting but rather unpleasant bit of the canal"

Mr Monkey looking at the original tunnel under Piccadilly Mr Monkey looking at Lock 85 underneath 111 Piccadilly

A few moments later, Mr Monkey arrived at the arch marking the original end of the Piccadilly tunnel. At the end of the tunnel he arrived at Lock 85. This was originally outdoors, but in 1963-66 the 18 storey Rodwell Tower (now renamed 111 Piccadilly) was built over the canal, being held up by massive and rather low steel pillars and girders. Mr Monkey watched a narrowboat having trouble with water continuing to pour into the lock while they were trying to let it out of the other end, and examined signs warning people not to engage in lewd acts.

You can read about 111 Piccadilly at the Bruntwood website.

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