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Mr Monkey tours the Stockport Plaza Cinema, 12th September

"It's a fine and decorative musical instrument"

Mr Monkey looking at the Compton organ Mr Monkey peeking into a dressing room

Mr Monkey took a closer look at the console of the cinema organ, the only bit of the organ visible to the public. The organ was built for the Plaza by John Compton Organ Co. of Acton and is hidden on the right hand of the arch of the stage. The organist can liven up tunes by changing the colour of the lights behind the decorative glass as well as playing a wide selection of percussion instruments. Mr Monkey was led down some stairs and along a corridor below the stage. He peeked into one of the dressing rooms, which turned out to be very functional.

You can read a bit about the Compton company at the Cinema Organ Society website.

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