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Mr Monkey at The People's History Museum, 14th April

"That's a Mancunian massacre, that is"

Mr Monkey looking at a large copy of a print showing the Peterloo massacre Mr Monkey looking at a cabinet of Peterloo memorabilia

The Revolution (red) section of the gallery took Mr Monkey back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when very few men* could vote. Calls for reform were viewed by the authorities as being revolutionary and treated savagely. Mr Monkey studied an enlargement of a contemporary print of the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, and examined a cabinet full of Peterloo-related crockery.

You can read about the Peterloo Massacre at the Spartacus Educational website and about the campaign for a proper monument at the Peterloo Massacre website.

* And no women at all.
 Largely, Mr Monkey suspects, because of the bother in France around 1789.

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