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Mr Monkey at The People's History Museum, 14th April

"It's a very good restoration"

Mr Monkey looking down into the old courtyard from the connecting bridge Mr Monkey looking along the bridge connecting the Engine house to the new museum

Scampering along the walkway between the engine house and the new building, Mr Monkey stopped to look down into the yard. The building on the left was a single storey workshop until the 1927 electrification, when it was heightened and turned into a switch-room and electrical sub-station. On the other side of the road Mr Monkey spotted part of the largest suspended glass wall in Europe (part of the Manchester Civil Justice Centre). Looking back, Mr Monkey admired the tall windows of the engine house.

Mr Monkey strongly suggests that anyone interested in the buildings housing the People's History Museum take the free Rust and Restoration tour. Check the PHM calendar to find out when the next one is on.

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