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Mr Monkey at Showzam Central, 20th February

"It was an exceptionally astonishing show"

Mr Monkey reading an information panel about Tom Norman Miss Behave whipping up audience enthusiasm outside the Tom Norman showvan

Mr Monkey read a series of information panels about some of the things on display, then went to find what was happening in Tom Norman's showvan. A nice lady called Miss Behave* was acting as barker, and kept a growing crowd entertained while they waited for a film to finish so a live magic show could start. After a longish short wait Mr Monkey scampered into the booth and watched an exciting and perplexing magic show by Andrew Van Buren recreating a hundred years or so of illusionism.

You can read about Tom Norman at the National Fairground Archive website, about Miss Behave at Miss Behave - Still Misbehaving website, and about the Van Burens at the Van Buren's World of Illusions website.

* Possibly not the name she was born with.
It was her fault the crowd was so large.

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