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Mr Monkey in Blackpool, 20th February

"An excellent display in an interesting gallery, I think"

Mr Monkey outside the Grundy Art Gallery Mr Monkey in front of a picture of an Ask Alexander poster

Mr Monkey scampered through Blackpool to the Grundy Art Gallery. At the gallery he spent longer than he'd expected looking at a touring exhibition from the Hayward Gallery called Magic Show. This was an interesting mix of historical posters, and pieces of magician's paraphernalia, and modern art inspired by magic and illusion.

You're not allowed to take photographs inside the Grundy so in the second picture Mr Monkey is standing in front of a page from Magic Show by Jonathan Allen and Sally O'Reilly (ISBN 978-1-85332-281-5).

You can read about the gallery at the Grundy Art Gallery website and about the exhibition at the South Bank Centre website.

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