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Mr Monkey in Chester, 8th December

"It's not really cross-shaped anymore anyway"

Mr Monkey outside Duttons Mr Monkey looking down on the Cross from the Rows

Mr Monkey realised that his humans wanted food, so he took them to Duttons on Leen Lane (or possibly Godstall Lane) for an extensive snack. After his humans had eaten Mr Monkey scampered along Eastgate Street Row to look down on The Cross, where the four original Roman streets (Northgate, Eastgate, Bridge and Watergate) of Chester meet. He should have been able to see a medieval cross that had been put up before 1377, demolished and dispersed in 1646, put up in the wrong place in 1949 and mostly returned to its original site in 1975, but someone had put a large Christmas tree in front of it.

You can read about the restaurant at the Duttons website and about the Chester High Cross at the EH National Monuments Record Images of England website.

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