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Mr Monkey sees the Circus of Wonders, 21st February

"It's one way of being noticed, I suppose"

Mr Monkey looking at the Circus of Wonders exhibition space Mr Monkey looking at a sculpture of the Great Omi

When Mr Monkey arrived at the Circus of Wonders he found that it was a collection of sideshow tents and information boards in the Olympia section of the Winter Gardens. Mr Monkey started by examining a sculpture of Horace Ridley, who, sometime between 1927 and 1934, decided to liven up his life in Mitcham by having George Burchett tattoo him all over. Resplendent in stripes, Ridley became The Great Omi and visited Blackpool several times as a sideshow attraction.

You can read about the Circus at the Blackpool Events website.

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